How Sneeringer Associates can help Your Local Small Business


Sneeringer Associates specializes in helping local businesses to increase their revenue by aggressively growing their customer base, and to increase their profits by reducing the businesses marketing costs.

Most small businesses are great at what they specialize in, but lack the required knowledge to master other aspects of running their business.

Marketing is one of those areas where many small businesses have little skill and will often just take a ‘shot in the dark’ at trying to get something to work.


We help your business accomplish these 3 goals:

1. Attract new customers

2. Achieve more sales from existing customers

3. Reduce your current marketing costs.

The three goals are accomplished by combining social media, email marketing and viral marketing.


What Is Social Media And Why Does A Business Need It?


  • “Social media is like word of mouth about your business – just like traditional word of mouth, only amplified by the hundreds or even thousands.”
  • “When people talk about your business online, other people will read it and make decisions about whether or not to buy from you.”
  • “Sometimes people say bad things about a business on social media sites. If you aren’t around to present your side of the story, your business can suffer.”
  • “When your company is active in social media, you can fix problems before they get big, find out what your clients / customers / patients / guests want, and attract new business by promoting yourself in positive ways.
  • “All of your competitors are using social media. If you are absent online, everyone who uses the internet and social media sites to make purchasing decisions will never see you.”


Why Use Email Marketing?


In today’s digital age, email Marketing is an essential marketing tool for local businesses. It literally can bring in customers on demand!

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What is Viral Marketing?


Viral Marketing is a method of business promotion that relies on getting customers to market the business on their own by telling their friends about it through digital means.

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