Facebook is the behemoth of the social media world, surpassing 1.23 billion active monthly users in 2015. Facebook is one of the fastest ways to build a fan base (a network) of people who know, like and trust you and your business.

You can create Fan Pages with unlimited numbers of fans!

Facebook is viral – your messaging can spread in seconds across other Facebook account owners networks.

Facebook is easy to update – change a Status Message, Post to your Wall or add a video and all of their Friends will learn about it.

Facebook is also personal – it is how people get to know you in a more personal way than is possible through your website.

Profile Page/Fan Page

Visitors to your Fan Page should be able to tell clearly who you are, what you have to offer, and how your product or service can help fill their need or want, or solve their problem. Ideally the page would be written in a personal style, trustworthy, likeable, and one that encourages interaction.

  • Mixing personal pictures, and videos together with business pictures and videos can help to create a warm, friendly experience for visitors to the page.
  • It is important to be honest, transparent and appear real to visitors too.

Sneeringer Associates can handle the setup, administration, populate the page with posts on a regular schedule, get likes, and establish your brand.

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