How Important Is Online Reputation For A Small Business?

A question in the mind of many small business owners is how important is online reputation for their business.


If you think for a moment about the level of importance of someone bad mouthing your business before the Internet came into being, and you amplify that by 1000, that quickly answers the question.

Just as Social Media can help make your company successful, it can also make it fail. Yes, I said FAIL!

There are many instances of large companies who were forced to close their doors as a result of negative publicity online, and more specifically, on Social Media.

Also, there are far more who had their brand damaged extensively. One in particular was Nestle. You can read the article “Nestle’s Online Reputation Melts Away”

There are a countless number of horror stories from small business owners as well. Unfortunately, most small businesses never recover from a bad online reputation.

The bottom line is, yes, the online reputation your business has is important, VERY important! It’s crucial to the success of your company, or the failure of your company.