Pinterest is about interesting images. You can link to blog posts you have created and images that are relevant to your industry, but have some fun with this platform.
Many serious businesses will have a board with humorous animal photos, or a “meme” board with hilarious captions. Stay semi-professional – remember, your name is on the account – but you can let your hair down a little on Pinterest in a way that you can’t on other platforms.

Pinterest Content

Pins can be images, videos, even text if saved in an image format. You can take screenshots and post them, create text images, or simply upload photos you have taken and saved to your computer. Make sure you have enabled sharing for Facebook and Twitter so when you Pin, your Pins will be promoted.

Best Practices

Be careful what you Pin. Copyrighted images can cause you trouble, particularly now that large companies like Getty are licensing more and more independent photographers’ content.

Anything you have personally created or photographed can be pinned. Likewise, any site with a Pinterest button on it has given permission for their images to be Pinned (as long as you do not change the url that links back to their content.)

Ongoing Management

Post content as often as possible – a Pin a day is better than seven pins on the weekend. Add rich descriptions to each Pin. Like other people’s Boards and repin their Pins. Search for likeminded Pinners, following them and commenting on their Pins. This will encourage them to start following, liking and repinning your content. Your goal should be steady growth and interaction.

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