Twitter is a great way to cultivate and grow your brand online. With millions of Twitter users it is fast and easy to engage other users.

Unlike other Social Media Marketing outlets Twitter limits posts to 140 characters, which means that you need to be creative, and get your followers attention in very few words.


What you tweet and when you tweet it are vital to your Twitter success. You should have a steady stream of Tweets each day, but not in excess or you will loose followers. You can use a buffering service or Tweet scheduler to help manage your Tweets. Aim for no more than one Tweet every twenty to thirty minutes

Aim for an 80/20 mix in your content; in other words, try for two out of ten Tweets to be self promotional and the other eight to be informative or entertaining.

Ask questions and post links to surveys – interaction is the essence of good Twitter communication.

Here is what Followers like to see in Tweets:

  • Personal stuff: Tell your followers something personal, but don‘t bore them. Make sure it is something interesting or funny. Something that gets a connection happening between them and you.
  • What’s Hot: Make comments about what is happening in the news and therefore will engage a large number of followers.
  • Share Cool Things: Tweeting about something cool that you did, saw, bought, etc. are great to share with your followers.
  • Re-Tweet: Don‘t overdo this but if you see a Tweet that you think is cool, then share it by Re-Tweeting it.
  • Quotes: Post motivational quotes, quotes from the famous, even your own sayings (if they are inspirational).
  • Get off the fence: Be opinionated, never just neutral, otherwise your Tweeting will become stagnated, and bland, and more importantly might lead people to switch off (unfollow you).
  • Tweet Style: Develop your own style, way of writing etc. Don‘t try to copy, be yourself, but if you find a style that works build on it.
  • Be Helpful: Answering questions, posting advice, encouragement, something that gives back to the community is always good for building reputation, and getting more interest from those following you.
  • Be prepared before you start: Make 5 tweets before you start following people, that way when people follow you they will see you are real, and not a bot.
  • Good humour / Good taste: Be funny if you can, find funny things to post, find things that entertain, but make sure what you Tweet is in good taste. Try not to talk about selling or making money

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