YouTube – Google Plus

As Google now Owns YouTube they have become very integrated and from a business standpoint it’s best to treat them as a pair.


YouTube is the No. 1 Video Sharing site and according to it is the No. 3 website on the internet. A massive 53% of web traffic comes from YouTube. So it is not a site to ignore.

Also, YouTube receives 1 billion views per day. It is now the preferred way to receive information.

On YouTube, your network is made up of Subscribers. If you have a webcam, you can post videos of yourself offering helpful social tips pertaining to your product and/or service. If not, create a channel and favorite videos other people have made. Then promote your channel on your other networks so people will subscribe to it.

Google +

Google+ is still one of the newer social media networks, but thanks to Google’s huge reach and massive user base from Gmail, YouTube, Google Docs etc. It is rapidly growing and becoming a contender for Facebook.

On Google, your network is managed in Circles. You can add people to your circles, browse categories, and follow other people.

We can handle all your Google + and YouTube Marketing, including setting up your accounts, adding people to your G + circles, adding subscribers to your YouTube Channel, and work with you to create and add video’s to you YouTube channel.

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